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It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get back up!

But you won’t be able to do that if you get knocked down on a hard concrete sports floor! To get back up, you need something that cushions your fall, something that is soft to the touch, something like interlocking sports tiles.


What are Interlocking Sports Tiles?

Interlocking sports tiles are one of the most in-demand flooring options for indoor and outdoor residential and commercial sports courts.

They are easy to install and last longer than traditional concrete or hardwood floors. But what is it that makes them so popular? Is it their performance, their low maintenance, or the fact that they are cost-effective? 

Let’s find out!

Why are Interlocking Sports Tiles so Popular?

Interlocking sports tiles are the most sought-after sports tiles for schools, tournament-level sports courts, public sports centers, and backyard courts.

And for a good reason too!

For starters, they are easy to install. They come in the form of tiles or mats that you can connect with each other like a jigsaw puzzle. However, depending on the type of interlocking tiles, some might come with buckle connectors, loop connectors, or hidden connectors. Regardless of the type of connectors the tiles have, they can be installed manually without hiring professionals. You just have to lay them down and snap the tiles into place.

Secondly, interlocking sports tiles are low-maintenance. You don’t have to invest in chemical-laden cleaning products or heavy machinery to clean them. Simply get the basic cleaning appliances like a vacuum cleaner, leaf blower, broom, or mop to clean the dirt away from the tiles. 

Interlocking sports tiles are built to last. Most tiles are created using polypropylene or thermoplastic elastomer material, which makes them quite sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. In most cases, the lifespan of these tiles is anywhere from 10 to 20 years. And that’s not a small number! 

In short, interlocking sports tiles are the way forward for indoor or outdoor sports courts

However, recent technological breakthroughs have helped sports companies like Copo Sports come up with interlocking sports tiles with added benefits and enhanced features. 

Copo Sports Interlocking Sports Tiles

Copo Sports has a wide range of interlocking sports tiles, from high-quality perforated thermoplastic elastomer tiles to seamless polypropylene plastic tiles. But our tiles not only vary in material but in cost too. 

We have something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for high-end interlocking sports tiles for a tournament-level court, sturdy flooring for commercial-level courts, or looking for something pocket-friendly for your backyard court, you’ll find interlocking sports tiles that fit your needs!

Enough hype! Let’s get straight to the impressive interlocking sports tiles by Copo.

Copo-Rezil Series

First up is Copo Sports’ Copo-Rezil series, which includes 4 different types of interlocking sports tiles made of modified thermoplastic elastomer. We will go through the features of each type separately:

1. GameChanger+

GamChanger+ from the Copo-Rezil series is Copo Sports’ flagship interlocking sports tile. 

It is made of soft thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material with a 19mm thickness and a non-abrasive tile surface design. These features, combined with innovative technology, offer 30% shock absorption, a 90 BPN slip-resistance value, 100% ball rebound rate, enhancing gameplay and minimizing the risk of injuries, bruises, and stress on muscles, joints, and lower back.

GameChanger+ has M-shaped solid feet that help it stand upright with no risk of collapsing; therefore, it can easily withstand high-speed impacts and speed changes. 

Copo Sports’ flagship interlocking sports tile


The interlocking mechanism of GameChanger+ makes the installation process a breeze! Simply place the tiles next to each other and easily buckle them down. The heavy-wall rectangle buckle design never cracks or breaks under rough external force.

The internal block connectors in the expansion joints are developed using the innovative LoopFlex technology that gives GameChanger+ dimensional stability to extremely high and freezing temperatures. It also provides the tiles exceptional flexibility to thermal strain and deformation, eliminating cupping and warping issues, especially in outdoor applications. In addition, they offer lateral forgiveness, which reduces stress on the players’ muscles and joints. 

Another plus point of the LoopFlex connectors is that it can better conform with undulations in the base. This means that even if the surface is slightly uneven, you can easily install the tiles without straightening out the base. This significantly enhances the ease of installation and cuts down labor costs. 


GameChanger+ tiles are extremely low maintenance; the only requirement is to wash them with water. It’s as simple as that! The perforated surface design with quick and efficient draining and anti-fungi, anti-bacterial, and anti-mildew features ensure no health-related risk at all for indoor or outdoor use.

With so many features, GameChanger+ is the best option for tournament-level basketball, volleyball, handball, American football, badminton, and multisports courts. 

2. GameChanger

The GameChanger tiles from the Copo-Rezil series are Copo Sport’s cost-effective yet premium-quality sports tiles. 

They are made using resilient yet durable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material, with 13mm thickness and a perforated matte finish surface design. These properties make GameChanger weather-resistant, with endurance for freezing temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius. Plus, its 100% ball rebound rate, slip-resistant grip, and non-abrasive surface make the gameplay fast and enjoyable.

GameChanger tiles


The installation process of GameChanger is so simple that customers usually do it themselves without professional help. You just have to place the tiles on a plain surface and snap the buckle to hold them in place.

The patent LoopFlex connectors in the expansion joints provide exceptional accommodation to thermal expansion and contraction, which lends excellent dimensional stability to the GameChanger courts even in extreme temperatures of up to 70-celsius degrees or freezingly low to -40 celsius degrees. In addition, the LoopFlex connectors also offer subtle lateral forgiveness for players to reduce the stress on their muscles and joints during activities.


The maintenance of GameChanger is quite simple and only requires it to be cleaned with water regularly. It has a quick drain and dry feature in addition to being antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-mildew, which makes it a hygienic choice for your outdoor court. 

The GameChanger tiles are ideal for institutional and residential basketball, volleyball, handball, futsal, badminton, pickleball, tennis, racquetball, and multisports courts.

3. HomeGamer

As the name suggests, HomeGamer tiles from the Copo-Rezil series are Copo Sport’s interlocking sports tiles, specifically for residential and backyard courts.

They are made of modified thermoplastic elastomer material, with 13mm thickness, double-layered structural engineering, and a truncated cross-shape grid surface design. All these features work together to make HomeGamer highly athletic, with 25% force reduction, 96% ball rebound rate, and a slip-resistance value of 95 BPN. 

HomeGamer tiles


The installation of the HomeGamer court is as easy as pie. Like our other interlocking tiles, you simply have to place the tiles next to each other and buckle them in place.

The tiles have unique cylindrical-shaped connectors that better adapt to the undulations on the ground, providing more flexibility during installation. But that’s not the only plus point of these connectors! They also prevent cupping and warping issues caused by thermal strain and deformation, which helps keep your HomeGamer court dimensionally stable in different seasons. 


HomeGamer tiles are quite easy to maintain, as you simply need to hose off the debris and dust accumulation for squeaky clean tiles. And the grid surface allows the court to drain and dry quickly in case it rains or after you clean it with water.

It also has anti-fungus, anti-bacterial, and anti-mildew properties that keep your sports court hygienic and fresh for days. In addition, HomerGamer is anti-UV, wear-resistant, and color-retaining, keeping it in mint condition for over a decade. 

With so many plusses, HomeGames makes for the ideal tiles for residential basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, and pickleball courts. 

4. Elastimax

The last category in the Copo Sports Copo-Rezil series is Elastimax, interlocking sports tiles specific to kids.

They are made of specially modified thermoplastic elastomer with a 13mm thickness, a velvety texture, and a perforated surface design. Elastimax interlocking tiles provide sufficient grip and traction, and the innovative technology used in their manufacturing ensures maximum protection and minimal risk of skin abrasions, bruises, and concussions. Plus, they are non-toxic with edible-level material certified by Reach and ROHS for safe playtime. 

Elastimax, interlocking sports tiles


Elastimax tiles are easy to install and simply need to be snapped with the classical buckles to stay in place tightly. The specialty of the specific cylindrical block connectors is that they easily accommodate thermal expansion and contraction and better conform to minor undulations in the base.


Just like our other sports tiles, Elastimax also requires minimal maintenance. You just need to hose it off with plain water to keep it clean and hygienic for the kids to play on. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for safe, comfortable, and highly athletically performing tiles for preschool and kindergarten sports courts, Elastimax should be your definite choice. 

So, we have briefly explained our TPE interlocking sports tiles from the Copo-Rezil series. Now it’s time to move on to our range of polypropylene tiles.

Copo-Dura Series 

Our Copo-Dure interlocking sports tiles are designed specifically for sports that require a hard, flat, and smooth surface, like different kinds of racquet sports, ice hockey and skating. Currently, we have 2 types of tiles in this category.

Let’s go through the features of each type.

1. Rebounce

Rebounce interlocking sports tiles are from Copo Sports range of plastic tiles, the Copo-Dura series. 

They are made of rugged and durable high-impact polypropylene material, with 17mm thickness and a suspended understructure design. It provides medium-level cushioning to the players for long and comfortable gameplay, while the flat, smooth, and high-energy return surface provides the optimum ball performance. 

Rebounce interlocking sports tiles


The installation process of Rebounce is so simple that customers usually do it themselves without professional help. You just have to place the tiles on a plain surface and snap the buckle to hold them in place. And, Rebounce has outstanding dimensional stability against thermal strain and deformation for its unique expansion joint design.


Rebouce has a grid-open surface design that makes cleaning an easy affair. Just flush it with water and allow the holes to drain and dry the surface real quick. With its chemical-resistant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-mildew properties, your racquet court always stays hygienic and neat even in an outdoor environment.

The high-performing and slip-resistant Rebounce tiles are the perfect choice for tennis, pickleball, badminton, and all sports that require a racquet to play with. Plus, they work for inline hockey and skating as well! 

2. Rapid 

Rapid interlocking tiles from the Copo-Dura series are specifically designed for inline hockey, skating, and futsal.

They are made of durable polypropylene material that provides a smooth surface for the hockey puck or skates to glide on seamlessly. Rapid tiles are 13mm thick and are specially treated to provide immaculate traction and slip resistance and help keep the ball speed fast and consistent. And although the surface is rugged and hard, its shock absorption feature is excellent.

Rapid interlocking tiles


The installation of Rapid is relatively straightforward, as it only requires snapping the classic-style buckles together. It is so simple that you can DIY by just following the instructions manual that comes with the tiles. And, due to the cylindrical connector design built in the expansion joints, the tiles have outstanding dimensional stability against thermal strain and deformation.


The most convenient feature of Rapid is its low maintenance. You only need to clean it with a mop, and it’s good to go. Another thing that goes in favor of these multi-purpose tiles is their non-toxicity. The polymer used in its making is environmentally-friendly and of food-grade quality, which makes them kid and pet-friendly.

So, whether you’re building an indoor hockey, skating, or futsal court, Rapid will provide everything you need for ultimate perfection.

Wrapping Up

Sports are only fun when you know you won’t end up with an injury that limits you to the bleachers! 

And Copo Sports makes sure that never happens! 

Because we believe that every person with a knack for sports should get a chance to play to their full potential. Therefore, with the help of comprehensive research, advanced engineering, and state-of-the-art technology, we have created interlocking sports tiles that focus greatly on the joint health and safety of players of all levels. 

So, whether you’re looking for premium tournament-level interlocking sports tiles, something for your backyard, or a kids’ sports court and play area, Copo has tiles for every sport, every court, and every need! 

Jimmy Wang

Jimmy Wang

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