GameChanger+ Interlocking Sports Tile


Considered as the best ever perforated interlocking basketball flooring tile, GameChange+ represents the new trend of the industry and outperforms traditional PP (polyproylene) interlocking sport tiles in almost every single aspect by its unmatched resilience, sturdy support, and soft touch with high energy return surface.

GameChanger+ is certified by FIBA both as Level-1 flooring for 3 x 3 & outdoor court and as Level-2 synthetic flooring for indoor court, and meets the EN14904 code for other sports like volleyball, badminton, etc., which gives you a compelling reason to opt for it!

GameChanger+ VS Prevailing PP Basketball Tiles

GameChanger+ Prevailing PP Tile brands Fiba Requirements
Performance Comparison
Stress Release for Joints ★★★★★ ★★★
Impact Protection ★★★★★ ★★★
Skin Friendliness ★★★★★ ★★★
All Weather Durability ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Dimensional Stability ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Color Retention ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Specification Comparison
Thickness 19mm (3/4') 16mm (5/8')
Weight 8800g/sqm (1.8lbs/sqft) 3720g/sqm (0.76lbs/sqft)
Force Reduction 30% 15% 25%
Ball Rebounce Rate 100% ≧97% ≧90%
Anti-Slip 90 100 ≧80 , ≦100
Permeability ≧10,000mm/h ≧10,000mm/h ≧150mm/h
Environment-Friendliness Pass Pass

What is GameChanger+ ?

Made of modified TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), GameChanger+ is the flagship option from the innovative CopoRezil interlocking sports tile range which features unprecedented resilience, comfortable touch, and high response surface. Compared with traditional hard plastic polypropylene interlocking sports tiles, GameChanger+ offers an authentic premium sports surface for basketball and other multiple sports.

GameChanger+ Color Options

Available in 12 standard colors.

Interlocking Sports Tile Colors

Interlocking Sports Tile Color

 Custom coloring options are also available.

Unparalleled Athletic Performance, Comfortability and Safety

GameChanger+ has Top-Notch Athletic Performance. This FIBA-approved synthetic surface has 90 BPN linear friction in a dry condition which prevents you from slipping and provides you with sufficient grip and traction. Moreover, it has a 100% ball rebound rate. All of these properties help keep your game fast and competitive.

GameChanger+ is the Most Comfortable interlocking sports tile ever. Unlike most of the competitions that come in 13mm(1/2″) or 16mm(5/8″) thickness, GameChanger+ does 19mm(3/4″) thickness, combined with the featured resilience of TPE material, which gives you extra comfort when stepping, striding, or landing by releasing the stress in the muscles, joints and low back. According to the test result conducted by Labosports, the shock absorption value is 30% which is double of PP-based tiles. Traditional PP sports tiles have no more than 15% shock absorption.



GameChanger+ Interlocking Sports Tile

The Safest Interlocking Sports Tile Ever Made! 

GameChanger + has a unique Diced Square surface texture with deburring edges and corners that ensure a smooth touch with your palm, elbow, or knees when sliding as a result of a fall or strip

Additionally, GameChanger+ has unmatched shock absorption gives you more protection than any other competitors when falling on the floor during the game. 

Also note, that the TPE material that GameChanger+ is made of is a soft-touch material as well.Therefore, the risk of friction burn is minimized. 

Other competitor tiles are made of hard plastic, their surface is hard and sometimes harsh in order to enhance friction. You would have to be exposed to a higher injury risk playing on such a surface.

More Features Of GameChanger+ 

The interlocking mechanism of the GameChanger+ tiles makes the installation process a breeze! Simply place the tiles next to each other and easily buckle them down in place. The patented “LoopFlex” connectors constructed in the expansion joints offer better conformity to the undulations on the subfloor. This means job can be done without having to go through the process of levelling out the subfloor repeatedly during the installation, which significantly enhances the ease of installation and saves labor cost.

Heavy-Duty Tile with Sturdy Understructure

GameChanger+ is an exceptionally heavy-duty and sturdy tile that never fails nor compromises its performance. 

If you take a look at its understructure engineering, the strong truncated 米-shape feet, and the heavy-wall bracings in between the feet could easily assure you that GameChanger+ lives up to its reputation as the best ever interlocking basketball flooring tile.

The heavy-wall rectangle buckle never surrenders in the crack or breaks under rough external force. 

Also, you can easily draw a conclusion on whether GameChanger+ is superior over any of its competitors by comparing the weight per sqm or per sqft to those of the competitors. 

GameChanger+ is more than double the weight of the competitors. In this industry, weight matters! The light tile usually gives players an inferior flooring feel of less support and less energy return. 

GameChanger+ Accessories

What’s more, in order to eliminate the cupping and warping, issues, especially in outdoor application, the patented “ LoopFlex” internal block connectors are introduced and constructed in the expansion joints, which makes the GameChanger+ flooring stand out in dimensional stability in either hot or freezing temperature for the enhanced accommodation to the thermal strain and deformation.

The GameChanger+ tiles can withstand harsh weather and excel in color retention; It can survive scorching sun, rainstorm, freezing cold without fading, coming off, or losing their effectiveness. Also, the perforated surface design ensures quick and efficient drain, making it suitable for outdoor use. It is REACH & RoHS approved, low-emissions, anti-fugi, anti-bacteria and anti-mildew, so you are assured that there is no any heath-related risk at all for either indoor or outdoor use.

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