Multi-Sport Court Flooring

Need a single space area for multiple sports? Let Copo Sports multi-sport court flooring pave out the best court for you!

Copo Indoor and Outdoor Multi-Sport Court Flooring

If you run a high-scale sports facility or fitness center, or if you’re looking for flooring for your school’s gymnasium, you don’t have to think twice before opting for Copo Sports!

Our flooring options are known for high athletic performance and durability against various internal and external factors, making them the best choice!

Multi-Sport Court Flooring

We offer the best quality multi-sport court flooring for outdoor, indoor, commercial and residential multi-sport courts. All our flooring is made using innovative material infused with Copo technology that is durable, comfortable, safe, and promotes athleticism. 

1. Premium Quality Sport Court Flooring

Our Macwood Pro and Standard flooring series have been designed specifically for players to enjoy an upgraded hardwood experience indoors, and for the first time, outdoors also. It is made of special premofiber material, while the understructure comprises reinforced plastic, rubber padding, and plastic leveling adjusters. All these components lead to first-class shock absorption and ball performance for an emulous gameplay. 

2. Top Notch Interlocking Sport Court Flooring

If you’re looking for safety and comfort, we would recommend the GameChanger+ and GameChanger from our Copo-Rezil series. Both the tiles are made of innovative thermoplastic elastomers and have high athletic performance. However, the GameChanger+ is certified by FIBA as level-1 flooring for 3×3 & outdoor court. With its 19mm thickness with a rounded-square surface pattern, it is a high energy-returning flooring tile. The GameChanger tile, on the other hand, is cost-effective and less thicker, but performance-wise, it works well as a commercial-level court flooring option. 

 3. Racquet Sport Court Flooring

For games that require a hard and flat surface like Racquet sports, we have the Copo-Dura Rebounce tiles. They are made of hard polypropylene material that is very durable. With buckles that snap together, installation becomes an easy affair. The 17mm thickness combined with the open-grid surface design, makes these tiles slip-resistant and comfortable enough to play on for hours.

Macwood Sports Flooring VS Hardwood Sports Flooring

Macwood Flooring Systems Prevailing Hardwood Flooring Brands
Performance and Durability Comparison
FIBA-Approved Performance
Heavy Load
Outdoor Application
Life-Cycle Cost Comparsion
Initial Construction Cost Medium-High High
Maintenance Cost Low High
Damage Risk Low High

Copo Sports Technology

Enhances Athletic Performance

Protects Joints and Muscles

Engineered for Durability

Designed for Athlete Safety

Enhances Athletic Performance

Protects Joints and Muscles

Engineered for Durability

Designed for Athlete Safety

What makes our courts different


Copo courts have long life with low maintenance. It comes with 15 year performance warranty.


Copo surfaces have excellent water seepage. Surfaces also come with different colors, textures and material choices.


Copo Sports has multiple FIBA and other proven certifications. Our courts provide great bounce and are durable.

Athletic Safety

Copo floorings protect players by being excellent slip-resistance, less risk of skin damage and high impact absorption.


Our Macwood surfaces protect the nature by eliminating need for wooden tiles in sport courts, reducing deforestation.


Copo surfaces are heat resistance & cold resistance with easy installation.

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