Volleyball Flooring Solutions

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Volleyball Flooring Solutions

Volleyball is a discipline of sport that needs you to complete a variety of intense actions including sprinting, digging, diving, hitting, jumping, etc. 

To keep the volleyball match fast and competitive, you definitely need a high-performing surface with outstanding cushion, high energy return, sufficient traction, and minimal risk of friction burn when diving or sliding. 

Here, you can get that and more with the feature-rich flooring options offered by Copo Sports!

Generally, volleyball courts have a few different flooring options, but each of them has pros and cons. For instance, hardwood floorings are expensive to build and maintain, and not applicable outdoors; PVC surfacing is prone to fast wear out along the welding joints, and traditional polypropylene-based interlocking tile flooring is less resilience and harsh for players’ skin. However, Copo Sports has addressed those issues with its innovative flooring solutions which are high-performance but more durable, more comfortable, and safer!


Macwood Sports Floorings for High-End Volleyball Court

For high-end tournament-level Volleyball courts, we have the Macwood Pro and Standard flooring systems, which are changing the landscape of the outdoor sports court industry by bringing hardwood flooring outdoors, and can also use as an upgraded alternative to indoor hardwood flooring. Macwood Standard systems are approved by FIBA as level-1 flooring for 3 x 3 courts. And, Macwood Pro fully meets the requirement of FIBA Level-1 flooring for wooden court.

This revolutionary flooring concept provides all the benefits of hardwood sports flooring while having none of the drawbacks, such as the vulnerability to water soaking, rising moisture, termite infestation and other issues associated with hardwood flooring. 

With Macwood outdoor flooring, you can have the same playing experience as hardwood flooring on the outdoor court, which is a great privilege for outdoor volleyball fans. 

What’s more, Macwood Indoor floorings can help gym managers save electricity costs on a daily basis, as Macwood floorings don’t need to keep the HVAC system open all the time in order to keep in a good condition. And, gym managers don’t need to worry about the risk of rainwater leakage or flooding during the rainy season, as Macwood can withstand any exterior challenges

CopoRezil Interlocking Sports Tiles for More Affordable Volleyball Court

For those looking for interlocking sports tiles, we recommend CopoRezil Series for the top-level athletic performance, exceptional shock absorption, and featured skin-friendliness in comparison with traditional hard plastic (polypropylene) interlocking sports tiles. 

CopoRezil interlocking sports tiles are made of innovative elastomer material which gives the tiles many features that traditional pp tiles are weak on. CopoRezil tiles are much heavier than traditional PP sports tiles so that players can feel sturdy and more energy return from the CopoRezil tile surface. CopoRezil has a range of products that can ideally meet different needs for the flooring performance and budget

The GameChanger+ is the first recommended product, which is the flagship product from the CopoRezil series. It is FIBA-approved level-1 synthetic flooring for 3×3 courts and is perceived as the best ever interlocking sport tile for its unmatched comfort and safety.  It has a more than a 30% shock absorption rate which is almost double that of the best traditional pp sports tile that you can find in the market. 

What’s more, its specially-designed surface with a rounded square achieves the optimal balance between slip resistance and skin abrasion. The rounded square combined with a soft-touching texture virtually eliminates the risk of friction burn when falling or sliding the surface. 

The second recommended product is the most popular commercial-level tile product – GameChanger from CopoRezil series for its high performance,  budget-friendliness, and dimensional stability It has a unique surface pattern with a matte finish, giving your court an attractive look.

Moreover, It provides much more protection for your players than tradtional pp sports tile for its outstanding resilience. The patented LoopFlex technology constructed in the expansion joints not only provides extra conformity to the undulations on the subfloor but also offers extra dimensional stability to the sports court.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a more affordable option for your backyard Volleyball court, we have HomeGamer from the CopoRezil series for you! The featured resilience and soft-touching texture inherited from elastomer material provide your family with much more protection than the traditional hard plastic surfaces. 

And, the open-grid surface design not only offers sufficient grip and traction but also allows your HomeGamer backyard volleyball court to drain fast and airflow with the most efficiency, so that the court can get ready for the next game quickly after a rainstorm or a weekend cleaning job.

Copo Sports Technology

Enhances Athletic Performance

Protects Joints and Muscles

Engineered for Durability

Designed for Athlete Safety

Enhances Athletic Performance

Protects Joints and Muscles

Engineered for Durability

Designed for Athlete Safety

What makes our courts different


Copo courts have long life with low maintenance. It comes with 15 year performance warranty.


Copo surfaces have excellent water seepage. Surfaces also come with different colors, textures and material choices.


Copo Sports has multiple FIBA and other proven certifications. Our courts provide great bounce and are durable.

Athletic Safety

Copo floorings protect players by being excellent slip-resistance, less risk of skin damage and high impact absorption.


Our Macwood surfaces protect the nature by eliminating need for wooden tiles in sport courts, reducing deforestation.


Copo surfaces are heat resistance & cold resistance with easy installation.

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