Indoor Basketball Flooring Solutions

Execute a slam dunk and get the most thrilling basketball playing experience with Copo sports!

Indoor Basketball Flooring Solutions

Playing basketball indoors is enjoyable, secure, and productive, as you can concentrate in games or skills development while keeping the ever-changing weather out of the window.

Hardwood floor and interlocking pp tile are the two main surface solutions for indoor basketball court. However, the former is a premium option while expensive to maintain and susceptible to various exterior elements. The latter is less performing, less comfortable and more prone to injuries.

By leveraging the strength in copolymer technology and the insights in sports flooring, Copo Sports has ideally addressed these issues with its innovative, feature-rich Macwood flooring

Macwood Sports Floorings – The Upgraded Hardwood Sports Floorings

For premium indoor basketball court, we have designed the FIBA-approved Macwood Pro and Standard Indoor flooring systems. These revolutionary synthetic flooring systems are the upgraded alternatives to traditional hardwood court flooring, while having none of the drawbacks associated with it.

When it comes to the advantages of Macwood sports flooring system, we are talking about something that never suffers from the changes in moisture levels, the termite infestation, the various cracking issue, and the damage due to water soaking by accident. Facility managers can have a peace in their minds by being assured that their Macwood flooring court can stay intact in any situation, especially in rain season.

In addition, it is also low maintenance, does not require to keep the HVAC systems open all the time so that electricity cost could be saved on a daily basis, and a total delight to play on! You can even add custom designs and logos on the surface to make your court stand out!


Innovative Interlocking Sports Tile –   Better and Safer 

For those looking for high performing interlocking sports tiles for their indoor basketball courts,  either the FIBA-approved GameChanger+ or the GameChanger from CopoRezil Series is the great choice!

The GameChanger+ is the flagship product of the CopoRezil series. It is perceived as the best ever interlocking basketball sports tile for its top-notch athletic performance and the exceptional shock reduction.  

Its featured resilience, reinforced with the 19mm thick design, delivers more than 30% shock reduction which is almost double of the best polypropylene-based sports tile that you can find in the market. However, GameChanger+ never compromises its athletic performance by having a 100% ball bounce rate surface.

What’s more,  GameChanger+ has a rounded square surface pattern and skin-friendly texture, achieving an optical balance between traction and skin abrasion. 

The GameChanger from innovative CopoRezil series is the most popular interlocking sports tile option for its unique appearance and the optimal balance between performance and budget. Comfortable, sturdy, high-energy return and affordable,  that’s our GameChanger tile!

The expansion joints of both GameChanger+ and GameChanger are engineered using the patented LoopFlex technology that not only provides excellent comformity to the undulations on the subfoor, but also offers outstanding dimensional stability to the court against temperature changes.

Copo Sports Technology

Enhances Athletic Performance

Protects Joints and Muscles

Engineered for Durability

Designed for Athlete Safety

Enhances Athletic Performance

Protects Joints and Muscles

Engineered for Durability

Designed for Athlete Safety

What makes our courts different


Copo courts have long life with low maintenance. It comes with 15 year performance warranty.


Copo surfaces have excellent water seepage. Surfaces also come with different colors, textures and material choices.


Copo Sports has multiple FIBA and other proven certifications. Our courts provide great bounce and are durable.

Athletic Safety

Copo floorings protect players by being excellent slip-resistance, less risk of skin damage and high impact absorption.


Our Macwood surfaces protect the nature by eliminating need for wooden tiles in sport courts, reducing deforestation.


Copo surfaces are heat resistance & cold resistance with easy installation.

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