Outdoor Basketball Flooring Solutions

The First Outdoor Wooden Basketball Floor. Take Your Outdoor Basketball Game To A New Level!

Macwood Standard Outdoor Flooring

  • Groundbreaking flooring solution for outdoor basketball court.
  • Bring hardwood basketball court outdoor. 
  • Approved by FIBA as level-1 flooring for 3×3 & outddoor court.
  • Rainproof, rotproof, insectproof and mildewproof.
  • All-weather durable and dimensionally stable.
  • Surface can be sanded and treated with urethane finish.
  • Custom graphic and logo applicable to make the court stand out.
  • Low maintenance except regular cleaning.

Macwood Pro outdoor Flooring

FIBA Level-1 Performmance

Fully meets the requirements for FIBA level-1 wooden flooring.

All-Weather Durable & Stable

Having all merits that Macwood standard outdoor has.

Premium Macwood Technology

Maple wood color and texture; Cutting-edge.

Enhanced Athletic Safety & Comfortablity

More than 60% area elastic shock absorption

Macwood Sports Floorings – The First Hardwood Sports Flooring for Outdoors

Our FIBA-approved Macwood Pro and Standard outdoor flooring that, for the first time in the basketball flooring industry, provide you with an authentic hardwood basketball flooring experience in the open, without the fear of humidity, rainwater, termite, ultra-violet, and other external factors. Macwood sports floorings are all-weather durable and dimensionally stable for more than a decade!

The installation of Macwood sports flooring is very similar to how people install traditional hardwood court floorings. While, unlike hardwood flooring, Macwood flooring is maintenance-free except for regular cleaning. Moreover, Macwood can do custom color;  And, to add a personal touch to your court, you can also put custom graphic and logo on your Macwood court surface.

Building a Macwood basketball court in your open area, you can easily attract the basketball fans’ eyeballs and make your outdoor basketball court stand out in your neighbourhood

Macwood Sports Flooring VS Hardwood Sports Flooring

Macwood Flooring SystemsPrevailing Hardwood Flooring Brands
Performance and Durability Comparison
FIBA-Approved Performance
Heavy Load
Outdoors Applicable
Life-Cycle Cost Comparsion
Initial Construction CostMedium-HighHigh
Maintenance CostLowHigh
Damage RiskLowHigh

Explore Copo Next Generation Basketball Tiles

GameChanger+ Interlocking Sports Tile

  • Made of resilient thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • Approved by FIBA as level-1 flooring for 3×3 & outdoor court.
  • High energy return surface with consistent ball bounce
  • Enhanced athletic safety with featured shock absorption
  • Minimal friction burn risk for the skin-friendlly material and unqiue surface pattern design
  • Protect joins and low back with more athletic comfortablility
  • Patented “LoopFlex” design offer superior dimensional stability in all seaons.
  • All-weather durable and low maitenance
  • Long-lasting color retention
  • Strong, heavy and thick design
  • Hight permeability for outdoor applications

The Best Ever Interlocking Sports Tile For Outdoor Basketball Court

If you’re looking for high-performing interlocking sports tiles for your outdoor basketball courts, we recommend the flagship tile product – GameChanger+ from the range of our innovative CopoRezil Sports Tile series.  GameChanger+ is approved as FIBA Level-1 flooring for 3×3 & outdoor court. It is made using innovative elastomer material, which, combined with its 19mm thickness, gives you unmatched shock absorption which leads to minimal injury risk and helps release the stress built in your muscles, joints, and low back. 

The surface has a special rounded-square pattern that offers excellent grip while minimizing the risk of friction burn! The expansion joints have patented LoopFlex connectors that offer extra conformity to the tiny undulations on the subfloor at the time of installation, and gives exceptional dimensional stability to the court against dramatic temperature changes in the external environment.


GameChanger+ VS Prevailing PP Basketball Tiles

GameChanger+Prevailing PP Tile brandsFiba Requirements
Performance Comparison
Stress Release for Joints ★★★★★ ★★★
Impact Protection ★★★★★ ★★★
Anti-Skin Abrasion ★★★★★ ★★★
All Weather Durability ★★★★★ ★★★
Dimensional Stability ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Color Retention ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Specification Comparison
Thickness 19mm (3/4') 16mm (5/8')
Weight 8800g/sqm (1.8lbs/sqft) 3720g/sqm (0.76lbs/sqft)
Force Reduction 30% 15% 25%
Ball Rebounce Rate 100% ≧97% ≧90%
Anti-Slip 90 100 ≧80 , ≦100
Permeability ≧10,000mm/h ≧10,000mm/h ≧150mm/h
Environment-Friendliness TVOC Pass EU Code TVOC Pass EU Code

HomeGamer Interlocking Sports Tile

Budget Friendly

Ideal option for backyard other residential basketball courts

Athletic Safety

Made of resilient and skin-frienldy TPE

Open-Grid Surface Design

Fast drainage and airflow. Always ready for the next game

Excellent Performance

Consistent ball bounce and suffient grip and traction to keep the game fast

A Budget-Friendly Interlocking Sports Tile for Residential Basketball Court.

We also have the HomeGamer tile that is specifically designed for residential and backyard basketball courts. HomeGamer is made of innovative thermoplastic elastomer which features unmatched resilience and skin-friendly texture. It gives your family more protection and comforts than traditional PP-based sports tile.. 

HomeGamer has a double-layered structural design for more energy return with high and consistent ball bounce rate. What’s more, the open-grid surface pattern ensures fast drainage and airflow to allow the surface get ready for the next game.

What makes our courts different


Copo courts have long life with low maintenance. It comes with 15 year performance warranty.


Copo surfaces have excellent water seepage. Surfaces also come with different colors, textures and material choices.


Copo Sports has multiple FIBA and other proven certifications. Our courts provide great bounce and are durable.

Athletic Safety

Copo floorings protect players by being excellent slip-resistance, less risk of skin damage and high impact absorption.


Our Macwood technology protects the nature by eliminating need for wooden tiles in sport courts, reducing deforestation.


Copo Sports flooring product lines are well engineered to perform reliably and accountably in all conditions

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