About Copo Sports

About Us


Founded by Vmkon in 2019, Copo Sports is the pioneer in next generation of sports flooring. To best support the global customers in consulting, design, installation and maintenance with the most affordable products, Copo Sports base its headquarter and production in GuangZhou, China with its European branch in Feldatal, Germany and North American branch in LA, California, USA.

Our Vision

Copo Sports is dedicated to bringing premium playing experience of hardwood sports flooring OUTDOORs, as well as providing sports pros and fans with truly athletic, comfortable and safe interlocking plastic sports tiles. Copo Sports aims to reshape the sports flooring industry by leveraging its expertise in polymer industry and experience in sports flooring industry.

Our Core Values

Copo Sports has a staff team with brilliant creativity,strong environmental awareness and social responsiblity. We have a faith that sports is the best way to keep us united, make us stronger and teach us how to collaborate with each other, so that we and our future generations can face up to the endless challenges better. We believe sports needs to be motivated by innovations to be healthier, safer and greener. We also believe a more performing, reliable and deliverable sports court can be the place where the next great legend breeds!

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