Basketball Portable Backdrop - Titan Series

Portable Basketball Backstop - Titan Series

The Titan Portable Backstop, with its patented design, has been engineered strictly in accordance with FIBA requirements for level-2 basketball backdrops in equipment configuration, regulation assembly elements and structural rigidity and stability. 

The base of this backstop is covered entirely with vinyl padding, and the ballast weighs more than half a ton, which makes it rigid yet easily portable

What is Titan Portable Basketball Backdrop?

The Titan Portable Basketball Backstop has a patented unique design with an upgraded frame and boom structure, which not only makes it super stable, but rigid as well. Keeping in mind its usage in schools and indoor gyms, we have specifically added multiple preset goal heights ranging from 2.35m to 3.05m, to accomodate all age groups.

The regular boom extension configuration required by FIBA is no less than 2.25m; however, the Titan Portable Backstop also offers a 1.7m boom extension for a leisurely court setting.

Talking of the boom, its support is manufactured using a heavy-gauge steel tube that goes all the way to the steel mounting plate behind the glass backboard. The competition breakaway rim directly bolts into this steel mounting plate so that there’s no strain on the glass backboard during aggressive moves like slam-dunk.

The glass backboard, is 12mm thick and made of tempered glass, and is fully enclosed by a welded reinforced powder-coated aluminum alloy frame with bolt-on safety edge padding.

Different Height Configurations

For added convenience, the Titan Portable Backstop offers 2 different dimension options – One for adults and the other one for children. By maneuvering the height adjusting mechanism located behind the glass backboard, either manually with a hand crank or using the motor, the users can move the backboard up or down to a specific height.

Coming to the base of the backstop, the solid steel ballast weight is concealed inside a steel frame. With the available floor anchoring system, you can easily secure the ballast to the flooring surface for increased stability.

Underneath the base, you will find 2 polyurethane castor wheels below the rear part of the backstop, and 2 swiveling castor wheels under the front base. Both the front and 2 sides of the base are covered in thick long lasting vinyl padding for safety. You can choose colors of your choice for the vinyl padding and the powder-coated steel frame.

Customization Options

Also, you have the option of getting custom graphics printed on the vinyl padding to give your facility a true home court privilege.

The whole structure of the Titan Portable Backstop is collapsible, which makes for easy transportation, installation, and setup. The collapsible design aids in saving freight cost, as you save space in shipping container and can add more units to it.

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Enhances Athletic Performance

Protects Joints and Muscles

Engineered for Durability

Designed for Athlete Safety

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