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Famous Basketball Players Leng Zhenduo and Zheng Yi Visit Copo Sports

Copo Sports helps players grow and truly enhances their athletic performance!

Famous Basketball Players Leng Zhenduo and Zheng Yi Visit Copo Sports

Copo Sports is determined on providing eco-friendly and comfortable sports facilities to the athletes by keeping their needs and safety requirements in mind.

And for this purpose, we invited professional Chinese basketball players Leng Zhenduo and Zheng Yi to our Guangzhou office to have an insightful conversation with the company’s first-line product R&D personnel. The topic of discussion was basketball court sports flooring options that focus on the joint health and overall protection of athletes from injuries and other risks. 

Leng Zhenduo and Zheng Yi Visit Copo Sports

During the roundtable conference, the regional manager of Copo Sports, Chen Ruhua introduced the company’s three core products in detail: 

1. Macwood Series 

2. Interlocking Sports Tiles

3. Basketball Backstops

VMKON certificates

1. Macwood Flooring

Macwood flooring is the world’s first FIBA-certified biomass sports floor. It is not only eco-friendly and recyclable but can double as an indoor and outdoor sports floor. 

The idea behind the manufacturing of Macwood took years of research and experimentation by our experts, after which Copo Sports won the exclusive global patent for biomass sports flooring. The reinforced premofiber material used in the manufacturing of Macwood is made by processing raw materials such as straw, rice husks, wood bran, and wood flour. 

“Macwood’s enhanced shock absorption feature can better protect players while jumping and dunking during gameplay.” Said Leng Zhendou, during the meeting. “I wish this technology was launched earlier so that it could be used in professional courts.”

Leng Zhenduo and Zheng Yi Visit Copo Sports

2. Copo Interlocking Sports Tiles

Talking about the common elastic sports floor in three-player basketball games, Zheng Yi, who has been focusing on three-player basketball for many years, shared his experience of playing in different countries and regions. 

He said that he has encountered various venues and emergencies in his career, where players slipping or tripping during gameplay get scratched and bruised, while the floor cannot hold against rain and other weather conditions. This greatly affects the performance of the players and the sports court. 

Sun Cai, chairman of Copo Sports explained, “Our interlocking sports tiles are rounded to prevent athletes from getting bruises and scratches. The tiles have anti-expansion joints with an oval connector at the back, which can add an anti-scratch feature to the flooring.” 

He explained that the expansion and contraction of regular tiles caused by the weather and environmental influences affect the normal training and competition of athletes. “Our interlocking sports tiles are weather and heat-resistant, so they are not prone to thermal expansion and contraction.” He added.

Leng Zhenduo and Zheng Yi Visit Copo Sports

3. Copo Basketball Backstops 

On November 20, 2017, the Chinese Basketball Association officially released the “Small Basketball Development Plan.”

However, small-scale basketball courts, especially on elementary school campuses, do not have the right solutions and products in the market. Therefore, Copo Sports developed a multi-purpose vertical lift basketball stand, Copo Basketball Backdrop, that complies with the “Small Basketball Court Construction and Equipment Specifications.”

“I think the multi-purpose vertical lift basketball stand can better empower the teaching environment of the youth basketball training camp.” Said Zheng Yi, when introduced to the Copo Basketball Backdrop.

Copo Basketball Backstops 

During the roundtable discussion, Zheng Yi and Leng Zhenduo brought everyone’s attention to some issues they encountered during their training, like uneven court surfaces that result in water accumulation during rain and slippery court flooring. These issues, although quite common, can affect training and competition to some extent. 

Sun Cai, chairman of Copo Sports, immediately set up a research and development team to develop a sports court flooring material that can quickly absorb moisture from the surface of the court, so that athletes can train and compete without the fear of slipping or getting injured. 

Copo Basketball Backstops 

Sun Cai further said, “Unprofessional sports floors and basketball facilities will not only affect the quality of gameplay but also affect the performance and careers of the players. We look forward to listening to the voices of more professional players and basketball practitioners to help athletes and bring out the most authentic level of competition. As the leading brand in China’s sports flooring industry, Copo Sports has always been bent on using technological innovation for enterprise development. We will continue to work hard for the road to China’s power.”

About Leng Zhenduo

In 2016, he was selected as the first team of Nanjing Tongxi Dasheng Club to compete in the CBA League.

  • 2016/2017 season, 2017/18 season CBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest runner-up
  • 2019 Sina 3×3 Basketball Golden League National Final Champion
  • 2019 National Three-person Basketball Club Classic Finals Champion
  • 2020 Austrian Red Bull Three Street Basketball Tournament Red Bull Half Court China Division Champion
  • 2021 NBA3X Three-person Basketball Challenge National Finals runner-up
  • 2019-2022 Selected for the three-person basketball national training team

About Zheng Yi

Zheng Yi holds the titles for:

  • 2015 CUBA Chinese University Basketball League Championship
  • 2018 FISU 3v3 Basketball World Cup Champion
  • 2018 FIBA ​​U23 Nations League Champions
  • 6th place in the 2018 FIBA ​​U23 World Cup
  • 2019 International Sports Federation Three-on-three Basketball World Cup Third Runner-up
  • 2019 FIBA ​​Three-person Basketball Asian Cup Third Runner-up
  • 19th in the 2019 FIBA ​​Three-person Basketball World Cup
  • 2018-2021 Selected for the three-person basketball national training team

About Copo Sports

Copo Sports is a brand of VMKON Industrial Development Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive supplier integrating sports project construction, polymer material research, and development, design, production, sales, and service of advanced sports facilities. 

The products cover three major sectors, educational campus facilities, athletic facilities, and small basketball, and have obtained more than 100 national patents. The national patented technological innovation “Biomass sports floor for indoor and outdoor use” has passed the FIBA ​​international standard testing and certification, and has become a senior partner of the Guangdong Basketball Association. 

Copo Sports is the designated basketball hoop supplier for the Guangdong Small Basketball Finals, and the sports flooring supplier for the three-person basketball game.

Core Values

Copo Sports believes in uniting knowledge with actions that work for the benefit of athletes.


Our mission is to take technological innovation as the engine to make sports venues environmentally friendly, safer, comfortable, and more professional!


To become a well-known brand in the global sports industry.


We believe that science and technology benefit the people, make a strong enterprise and empower the country.

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Copo Basketball Backstops 
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