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How to Choose the Right Basketball Court Floor for Your Backyard

Watching people crazily dribbling the ball and doing superhuman-like dunks, who don’t get enticed by that?

Sometimes, youngsters get so entangled in the basketball game that all you see is them dribbling the ball everywhere. And some who are serious are ready to invest in making their outdoor basketball courts.

You may ask, where? In the backyard, of course!!! While we are on this topic, it is an unquestionable fact that the most important thing for a basketball court is its flooring.

So if you are also one of those basketball fanatics, before you spend your fortune on making a backyard court, you can never ignore some very important things.

And that’s what we’ll discuss in our article.

So let’s dive right into them without any further delay.

Things to consider when buying the basketball court’s flooring?

Making an outdoor basketball court can be easy, or it can also be challenging. It all depends on what kind of basketball court flooring you want. But how can we decide on outdoor basketball court flooring? What things should we consider? These are the questions that may come to your mind.

So to answer these questions, we are now going to see the seven most important features of a basketball court’s flooring that holds most of the weight if we are talking about an outdoor court. And we’ll also give you a suitable flooring material with every feature discussed.

Let’s get started!!!

  • Durability

The first and foremost thing that must be considered before you buy your court flooring is durability. This biggie is especially important because we will use the flooring for an outdoor court. And to fight off the harsh weather conditions that continuously change from scorching sunny days to chilly nights and stormy rains, the durability must be more than just good.

While cement and asphalt are commonly used in outdoor floors, if you want the best, considering durability, go for the innovative material, Macwood. This synthetic wood is fantastic for outdoor floors because you can get the real-hardwood experience with one of the highest possible durability. And you also don’t have to worry about water, insects, humidity, or mildew because it’s everything-proof.

A macwood outdoor basketball court flooring

Here’s how you install Macwood outdoor flooring.

  • Easy to maintain

The second most crucial thing for outdoor basketball court flooring is the ease of maintenance. Since we are making a personal backyard court, we can never choose a material that requires heavy maintenance. The material that requires only some regular cleaning and nothing more is the best suited here.

Cement again defeats other materials in this aspect because its maintenance is almost zero. Just install it once and use it until it breaks. Other than that, synthetic Macwood is also gaining popularity because it also requires nothing more than cleaning.

But don’t even think about comparing the striking looks of Macwood with cement.

Keep reading!

  • Cost

Now comes the cost of installing the court’s flooring. Most people want to make a backyard basketball court with a minimum price. Only professionals and wealthy people prefer to spend a hefty amount so that the quality isn’t compromised.

This is why most of the backyard courts you see are cement or asphalt. But remember that the material you choose should also have a minimal maintenance cost. Vinyl flooring is also popular because it is the cheapest flooring material.

  • Ease of installation

Most people try to install their backyard basketball courts on their own. This demand that the material that is selected should be easy to install. Installing the cement flooring is much more manageable than any other court flooring.

And if you want to level up this cement floor, then choosing rubber titles is the best bet. Rubber court flooring can be easily made by joining these titles on a cement base.

And if you want to install this type of floor, GameChanger+ is the one we recommend. It’s a rubber flooring material made by the world-renowned construction company VMKON. Gamechanger+ comes in the form of interlocking tiles that can be easily installed anywhere you want.

Gamechanger+ interlocking tile

  • Resistance to slip

Do you know what the most occurring movements in Basketball are? The answer is really obvious. It’s running and jumping.

And what if we install outdoor flooring that doesn’t provide much friction? In that case, we are just asking to be admitted to the nearby hospital.

Cement court flooring fails in this field. This is because the resistance of cement to slip is so low that, in the long run, you are bound to have plasters all over your body.

Asphalt is a much better option.

What about our Macwood? The synthetic Macwood has some special coating to provide perfect friction for better gameplay. The only downside is that you have to renew this superficial coating. But this has to be done after many years of use.

  • Quality

Like any other thing in the world, how can we ignore the quality of the basketball court flooring? If you are willing to spend a hefty amount, then make sure the flooring material is top-quality. The synthetic Macwood and Gamechanger+ rubber tiles from Copo Sports in itself are of the best quality.

But if you are considering Vinyl flooring, then it comes in different variations. Some types last for about a decade, while some vinyl flooring dies out within years.

  • Appearance 

The last feature is the Appearance of the court’s flooring. If you want a simple outdoor court, then forget about the appearance. But if you also want to impress your peers with a dazzling backyard court, this is one of the most critical factors.

As far as the basketball court flooring is concerned, the appearance of hardwood floors is unparalleled. But the sad thing is, we are talking about the outdoor court. And the natural hardwood is extremely contraindicated here.

You can go for synthetic Macwood or wood-colored vinyl flooring if you want a similar appearance. You can also use acrylic paints to make some designs and game lines.

Final thoughts

A good basketball court floor is a must if you want to enjoy this game. And for installing a basketball court in your backyard, you can never choose the flooring hastily.

In this brief article, we have discussed seven factors that matter when you are choosing outdoor court flooring.

To put it shortly, Go for the revolutionary synthetic Macwood that will give your backyard basketball court new power.

Check out a real-time gaming experience of the Copo Macwood Pro flooring.

Jimmy Wang

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