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What Is The Best Surface For An Outdoor Basketball Court?

You may think that basketball can be played anywhere with enough space. Just attach a hoop, and we are free to go. Is that it? No!!!

To have a professional gaming experience, you must play basketball on the best flooring. 

Especially for the outdoor courts, you can’t use the natural hardwood here, which is considered the best for sports flooring.

If natural wood is out of the question, what type of surfaces are used?

You’ll find that out in our article.

So let’s get started!!!

Types of Surfaces for an outdoor basketball court

Multiple types of surfaces are used for making basketball courts, but the list becomes considerably shorter when we talk about the outdoor court. It’s because of the harsh weather conditions they have to face continuously. That is why natural hardwood is not used for outdoor court floorings.

Now which surface is the best for an outdoor basketball court?

Let’s see!!!

  • Copo Sports Macwood Flooring – Synthetic Wooden Flooring

Although you can’t use natural wood, you can have a genuine wooden experience using a synthetic wooden material, Macwood. Recently, one of the world’s renowned companies, VMKON, developed a synthetic material that copies all the qualities and appearance of natural wood with a waterproof nature. Moreover, it isn’t affected by any type of insect or humidity in the air.

This has allowed Macwood to become superior to natural wood and be a perfect material for outdoor court flooring. VMKON is currently providing this synthetic Macwood with the brand name Copo Sports.

Here’s how to install the Macwood Flooring System.

  • Cement Surface

Another common material for outdoor basketball court flooring is cement. Like many other uses, most people make outdoor basketball courts using cement. The reason behind that is the easy availability and installation of cement. You can get this material from anywhere around the globe. Moreover, installing a cement surface on the outdoor basketball court requires simple labor, which anyone can do.

But there’s a big catch for using a cement surface. The low friction of cement may cause you to slip during your basketball match. 

Keep reading!

The next common material used to make the surface of an outdoor basketball court is rubber. Rubber flooring has also revolutionized the world of basketball. The main reason is its diversity. Rubber flooring comes in so many colors and qualities that almost everyone can find rubber flooring according to their taste.

Moreover, the rubber surface can be easily made by joining the small rubber tiles. You don’t need a professional technique or anything like that to install it. On top of that, you can also install a rubber surface on top of an already-made cement flooring to further increase its effectiveness.

And one of the most popular rubber surface tiles is the Gamechanger+ from Copo Sports. So, if you are interested in rubber flooring, make sure to have a look at it.

  • Asphalt Surface

The last material on our list used on outdoor flooring is Asphalt. Most people use asphalt flooring as an alternative to cement. It’s because asphalt basketball flooring provides more friction than cement, thus eliminating the most limiting factor of cement.

And the price for making asphalt outdoor basketball flooring is much lower than cement. Asphalt is also readily available everywhere.

But its installation is a bit more complicated than cement. And it also demands more maintenance, especially in the cold environment.

Now that you have seen these commonly used types of surfaces for an outdoor basketball court. Let’s look at what our experts say about the court floorings that can bring your outdoor basketball experience to a new level.

Best Pick –

The best pick for an outdoor basketball court is the Macwood flooring from Copo Sports. Since it was released in the market, its popularity has been increasing at an exponential rate. 

And that’s to be expected because Macwood flooring has minimal maintenance cost and the damage risk from any factor is also pretty low.

Even the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has certified this synthetic wood made by VMKON as a Level-1 flooring material.

Click here to check the playing experience of Copo Macwood Pro outdoors.

An outdoor basketball court with Macwood Flooring System

If you prefer rubber flooring over wooden one, you would definitely want to consider Gamechanger+. It’s an interlocking sports tile from the CopoRezil series of Copo Sports.

Gamechanger+ is made of the modified Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) that presents best-suited resilience, high response surface, and 100% ball bounce rate. Moreover, you can choose from the 12 standard colors or any custom color you want.

This way, you can expect a top-notch athletic performance and comfortable gameplay on your outdoor basketball court.

An interlocking tile of Gamechanger+

So you must have chosen your material by now. Considering that, we are going to give a handy tip before you proceed to make your outdoor basketball court.

Bonus tips:

Multi-Purpose Surface

Did you know that the basketball court is bigger than the court for many other sports? Well, now you know.

So considering this fact, if you are going to make an outdoor basketball court, we recommend changing it into a Multi-Purpose court. Make lines and set the dimensions so that you can play tennis, badminton, volleyball, and other such games along with basketball. This will significantly increase the effectiveness of your space and will give you a chance to try some other games along with basketball.

On the same top-class flooring, of course!!!

Before we wrap up our article, here are some frequently asked questions about outdoor basketball courts.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must look at multiple factors before selecting your basketball court flooring. The most important of them is your material’s durability and ball bounce. Other than these, the area deflection, resistance to slip, shock absorbance, and appearance are also considered.

Yes, synthetic Macwood can easily compete with natural Maple Hardwood. It’s even better in some aspects, like the waterproof, humidity-proof, and insect-proof nature of Macwood.

That is the reason Macwood is preferred for outdoor basketball court flooring.

Final Words

Good flooring for a basketball court plays such an essential role in the game that professionals are willing to pay a hefty amount.

And if you are installing a court’s flooring in an open environment, you need a top-notch material for fighting harsh weather conditions. In this brief guide, we’ve talked about the common types of surfaces used for outdoor basketball courts. And the best out of them is definitely the synthetic Macwood and Gamechanger+ interlocking tiles from Copo Sports.

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